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Improve Default Message in Pop-Up when leaving Student Review Mode



    • Type: Feature Request
    • Status: Awaiting Review
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 19.0, 19.2, 20.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Gradebook
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      When attempting to leave "Student Review Mode" of a particular student in Gradebook NG, instructors are confronted with the pop-up message/warning "Unreleased grades and other students data will become visible." (see screenshot).

      While a warning is useful here, the wording of this warning does not seem to capture the spirit of what it is really trying to convey.

      To an instructor, this message can stop them in their tracks and come across as: "All the unreleased grades you've inputted for students will become visible to them (i.e. on their end)." 

      Our understanding is that this message is intended to warn instructors that navigating away from Student Review Mode will expose scores on their own computer screen.

      Use Case: if an instructor is privately meeting with a student in office hours, the instructor can enter "Student Review Mode" for the respective student, share his/her computer screen with the student to discuss progress, and if the instructor attempts to navigate away from "Student Review Mode" while the student is still looking over their shoulder, the warning is intended to warn/remind the instructor that the full Gradebook containing all student scores will become exposed on their own screen if they click "Continue."

      Given this intended purpose, we propose new wording/language in the pop-up, such as:

      "You are about to leave Student Review Mode."

      "Exiting Student Review Mode will display the names and grades of other students and/or return you to the full grade report for the current student (which may contain unreleased grades). If you are meeting with a student, please adjust your screen or computer to protect student grades."

      "Are you sure you want to continue?"


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