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Assignments: If an assignment has a group submission, the instructor should not be able to change groups in the assignment



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      Will add a test plan after the expected behavior has been determined

      Will add a test plan after the expected behavior has been determined


      This Jira is a result of testing SAK-41275. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature request, but once the instructor sets a group for an assignment with a group submissions, after a submission has been made, the instructor should not be allowed to edit the group(s) in the assignment.

      Initially, this also affected 20, but as of 10/29, once there was a submission, the instructor was no longer able to modify the group(s) in the assignment. 

      Allowing the instructor to change groups after a submission has been made has some strange consequences and I cannot understand what the expected result should be in the following case:

      • Instructor creates group submission assignment for group1 (contains student1)
      • Student1 submits the assignment
      • Instructor creates group2 which contains student1 and student2
      • Instructor modifies assignment after submission, removes group1 and sets group2

      Now student1 is a member of both groups and had already submitted as group1. 

      • Should that be considered the submission for group2?
      • If not, and student2 submits, should that overwrite what student1 submitted?

      I created a sheet which lists the steps and compares side-by-side the servers:


      In this workbook, there are also links at the bottom for videos for each server.

      I also grabbed the server logs from the point forward where student1 submits as a group1 user. 

      I think 19x and 12x should behave as trunk does now, not allow any changes after a group submission to "display to" in the assignment.



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