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T&Q : make the exception interface clearer



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    • Affects Version/s: 19.2, 19.3
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      We encountered a problem with the new feature that allows exceptions in Tests & Quizzes and want to change the interface to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We would like to have feedback on different options.
      When adding an exception, the instructor may enter a student or a group (or both). An instructor thought the second box was to enter the group the student belongs to and selected it also.
      So the whole class was affected by the exception and it cause a lot of confusion.
      Our stake holders asked that an “OR” was added to the interface to make clear that it is one or the other.

      However, it is a bit misleading since it is possible to add both, and there is a chance that the users would not notice.

      We could also put a radio button to make sure only one choice is possible. We assume there is not a lot of cases where a user adds both a student and a team with the same exception. It would still be possible to add two different exceptions.

      Another option would be to add a check box. This would keep the same functionality, i.e. the possibility of adding an exception for both a single student and a group, but it would force the user to choose and make it obvious that it is two different options.

      It is coherent with interface elsewhere in Tests & Quizzes. For example, to add a timer to a quiz. However, it does add one more click.

      HEC would be willing to make the developpement. What do you think is the best solution?

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