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      Apache jclouds 2.2.0 is a first major release after a long period of time. In this release we have focused on modernizing the codebase and some dependencies to upgrade to Java 8 and prepare to upgrade to newer Java versions in future. You can read the official announcement here. To get started with jclouds, please see the jclouds installation guide.

      Release Highlights

      New features in Apache jclouds 2.2.0 include:

      • Java 8 friendly builds
      • The jclouds Karaf integration and the jclouds CLI are no longer part of the jclouds releases. The projects are now maintained by the Apache Karaf team and they will be released by them.

      Bugs and patches

      • JCLOUDS-1200 - org.jclouds.http.HttpResponseException fails to serialize
      • JCLOUDS-1263 - Listing objects in Openstack Swift blob store containers fails if a key has an invalid URL encode sequence
      • JCLOUDS-1294 - Azure ARM improve HTTP retry logic
      • JCLOUDS-1366 - OutOfMemory when InputStream referencing to big file is used as payload
      • JCLOUDS-1367 - Blob.getPayload.openStream() is inconsistent across implementations
      • JCLOUDS-1389 - Multipart upload to Google cloud storage failing with 400 bad request
      • JCLOUDS-1391 - Headers must be sorted by lowercase when calculating signature
      • JCLOUDS-1392 - When fetching blob metadata with details all folders are removed from response
      • JCLOUDS-1400 - GCS's presigned url requires blank Content-Type
      • JCLOUDS-1401 - S3 SignatureDoesNotMatch when listing keys using prefix with ampersand
      • JCLOUDS-1405 - Dimension Data Live Tests Broken - Domain classes for Server and Image with List nics incorrect
      • JCLOUDS-1410 - SoftLayer cannot provision with private image
      • JCLOUDS-1419 - Missing StorageClass REGIONAL for GCS buckets
      • JCLOUDS-1422 - LocalBlobStore.list ignores recursive flag when prefix set
      • JCLOUDS-1427 - NPE when deserializing Elastic IPs that have tags
      • JCLOUDS-1433 - IllegalArgumentException from Strings2.replaceTokens
      • JCLOUDS-1441 - [ARM] China regions can not be used
      • JCLOUDS-1443 - unable to resolve URI with complex host
      • JCLOUDS-1447 - S3 CopyObject requires x-amz-copy-source to be URL encoded
      • JCLOUDS-1462 - Upgrade Apache Http driver in response to CVE-2015-5262
      • JCLOUDS-1463 - MachineTypeToHardware throws exception when region has no available zone
      • JCLOUDS-1467 - Newly added c5 instanceType do not supports c5d series of AWS
      • JCLOUDS-1472 - Multipart upload for AzureBlob fails when using InputStream for files greater than 32MB
      • JCLOUDS-1479 - Swift API throws Exception when getting blob from containers
      • JCLOUDS-1488 - Filesystem list call with prefix is slow in large containers
      • JCLOUDS-1492 - Dimension Data Feature API Predicates are not usable
      • JCLOUDS-1503 - Azurecompute-arm deploy doesn't work
      • JCLOUDS-1505 - BlobStore.blobMetadata(container, object) returns a StorageMetadata object with empty size when using org.jclouds.http.apachehc.config.ApacheHCHttpCommandExecutorServiceModule
      • JCLOUDS-1509 - ParseAWSErrorFromXmlContent uses the default charset
      • JCLOUDS-1510 - ParseSax convertStreamToStringAndParse creates a String from bytes without specifying a charset

      New Feature

      • JCLOUDS-1399 - S3 One Zone-IA Storage Class
      • JCLOUDS-1418 - The Azure ARM provider is missing several statuses for the PowerState enum
      • JCLOUDS-1421 - Images created by the ImageExtension may lack the mandatory default credentials
      • JCLOUDS-1468 - Add missing fields on CloudStack usage API
      • JCLOUDS-1494 - Add S3 Glacier Deep Archive tier


      • JCLOUDS-847 - S3 poor upload performance
      • JCLOUDS-1271 - Remove signRemoveBlob
      • JCLOUDS-1339 - Support launching an x1 EC2 instance
      • JCLOUDS-1387 - Add support for c5 instance types in AWS ec2
      • JCLOUDS-1390 - google-cloud-storage: Avoid per blob calls to get user metadata when listing with details
      • JCLOUDS-1394 - Increase limit for azure blob from 64MB to 256MB
      • JCLOUDS-1404 - Available Google Storage regions
      • JCLOUDS-1414 - OpenStack Keystone V3: Support different "domain" for "identity/user" and "project"
      • JCLOUDS-1428 - Support for SAS token based Authentication for Azure Blob Storage
      • JCLOUDS-1436 - Add support for m5 instance types in AWS ec2
      • JCLOUDS-1450 - Multi-part upload against the filesystem provider should return ETag similar to S3
      • JCLOUDS-1452 - Switch to B2 v2 API
      • JCLOUDS-1460 - Add support for t3 instance types in AWS ec2
      • JCLOUDS-1464 - Google Cloud Storage regions need updating
      • JCLOUDS-1477 - B2 cannot upload small payloads when multipart specified
      • JCLOUDS-1489 - allow glacier storage tier during create object
      • JCLOUDS-1506 - Azurecompute-arm add tags on disk create/update
      • JCLOUDS-1512 - Use SecureRandom in Sha512Crypt
      • JCLOUDS-1514 - Azurecompute-arm add disk storage types on disk create/update


      • JCLOUDS-1406 - Add default location configuration to dimension data provider
      • JCLOUDS-1431 - Support AU geo for Live Tests
      • JCLOUDS-1432 - API Client expects 404 code when asset UUID not found for Get APIs
      • JCLOUDS-1454 - Implement ServerToServerWithExternalIp function for dimensiondata
      • JCLOUDS-1455 - Update ParseResponse to log error details. Add ParseTests for Domain Objects in NetworkApi and ServerApi
      • JCLOUDS-1457 - Add Clean Server operation to ServerApi
      • JCLOUDS-1495 - maven plugins are not correctly referred to
      • JCLOUDS-1496 - Update maven-compiler-plugin for increased JDK compatibility
      • JCLOUDS-1497 - Fix jclouds-labs after JCLOUDS-1496
      • JCLOUDS-1499 - Disable sonatype snapshot repository for plugins

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