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Teams meetings integration




      There is an official opensource app which allows to create meeting links and there are several LMS that have already integrated it in different manners.

      Some of them like Blackboard or Schoology have embedded the app in a tool/widget that manages meeting links. Others like Canvas or ItsLearning have added a button in their editors that allows to add meeting links to every content across the different tools. I like more this second approach.

      Installing the app is a pretty easy work. And I think that it wouldn't be a big deal for a skilled developer adding a button in CKEditor that could launch this app and paste the link created.

      I think that this could be a low-cost highly useful addition to Sakai.


      Additional info of Michael Green:

      I assume we'd want to do this either as a CKEditor5 Plugin https://ckeditor.com/docs/ckeditor5/latest/framework/guides/overview.html or by treating it as a LTI Content Item link and adding to the Add Learning App options. Is using LTI Content Item even an option for this kind of thing @anyone?
      We did some integration work around MS Teams and creating a team/managing team members, but I think that was all using the MS APIs and custom development on our Kits platform. I'd have to check with that developer on their bandwidth as they work on another team, but if someone wants to dig into this, I'd be happy to connect you with them to discuss what they learned about interacting with MS Teams.

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