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Allow students to see the grades of their classmates



    • Type: Feature Request
    • Status: RESOLVED
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 20.3, 21.0, 22.0 [Tentative]
    • Fix Version/s: 22.0 [Tentative]
    • Component/s: Gradebook
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      As we reported a while ago in SAK-40145, our data protection counselor has requested us a new feature in Gradebook again, according to the application of the Spanish RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) based in the report of AEPD (Spanish Agency for the Protection of Personal Data) about the application of European Union privacy and transparency laws.

      AEPD's report is published here: https://www.aepd.es/es/documento/2019-0030.pdf, (it's in spanish language)

      According to this report and due to transparency reasons, every student should be able to see the grades of their classmates so he can identify them and compare his grade with the others. This could enforce the detection and prevention of any discrimination or abuse by teachers.

      The data that students should see of their classmates is clearly defined: grade, name and surname. No other identification should be published and only the members of the class must be able to see this information.

      We are aware of FERPA and we now that this feature would be illegal in the US and other countries, so our proposal (open to discussion, of course) would be:

      • Adding a new global property, disabled by default, to add this feature.
      • When turned on, the "Grade Release Rules" section in Settings would have a new checkbox, disabled by default, that would be "Allow students to see their classmates grades".
      • When checked, the displayable information would be configurable in checkboxes, like i.e. "Grade", "Name and surname", "Teacher comments", etc. This will be the information displayed to a student of their classmates. The available checkboxes could be set up in sakai.properties settings, so teachers can't enable them by error.
      • Another useful option could be "Include grades that don't count for the final grade".
      • Other option that we consider is "Randomize order", so only grades could be displayed without allowing to identify the students. This could be useful for FERPA institutions.
      • The student view should be modified to show the new view, maybe in a new window.

      The option of publishing just the classroom's grades, without name and surname, could be also useful for institutions under FERPA's laws, so your ideas are welcome too.

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