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Update Apache Tomcat 9.0.44



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: RESOLVED
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 20.2
    • Fix Version/s: 22.0 [Tentative]
    • Component/s: Master
    • Labels:


      Tomcat 9.0.44 (markt)


      •  Revert an incorrect fix for a potential resource leak that broke deployment via the Ant deploy task. (markt)
      •  Improve error message for failed ConfigurationSource lookups in the Catalina implementation. (remm)
      •  64938: Align the behaviour when null is passed to the ServletResponse methods setCharacterEncoding()setContentType() and setLocale() with the recent clarification from the Jakarta Servlet project of the expected behaviour in these cases. (markt)
      •  65135: Rename Context method isParallelAnnotationScanning to getParallelAnnotationScanning for consistency and ease of use in JMX descriptors. (remm)
      •  Ensure that the AsyncListener.onError() event is triggered when a I/O error occurs during non-blocking I/O. There were some cases discovered where this was not happening. (markt)
      •  Make the non-blocking I/O error handling more robust by handling the case where the application code swallows an IOException in WriteListener.onWritePossible() and ReadListener.onDataAvailable(). (markt)
      •  Correct syntax error in output of JsonErrorReportValve. Pull request provided by Viraj Kanwade. (markt)
      •  Make the StandardContext.postWorkDirectory() protected rather than private to help users wishing to customise the default work directory behaviour. (markt)


      •  65118: Fix a potential NullPointerException when pruning closed HTTP/2 streams from the connection. (markt)
      •  Avoid NullPointerException when a secure channel is closed before the SSL engine was initialized. (remm)
      •  Ensure that the ReadListener's onError() event is triggered if the client closes the connection before sending the entire request body and the server is ready the request body using non-blocking I/O. (markt)
      •  65137: Ensure that a response is not corrupted as well as incomplete if the connection is closed before the response is fully written due to a write timeout. (markt)
      •  Related to bug 65131, make sure all errors from OpenSSL are fully cleared, as there could be more than one error present after an operation (confirmed in the OpenSSL API documentation). (remm)
      •  Make handling of OpenSSL read errors more robust when plain text data is reported to be available to read. (markt)
      •  Correct handling of write errors during non-blocking I/O to ensure that the associated AsyncContext was closed down correctly. (markt)

        Web applications

      •  Remove the restriction that prevented the Manager web application deploying different web applications in parallel. (markt)


      •  Update the OWB module to Apache OpenWebBeans 2.0.21. (remm)
      •  Update the CXF module to Apache CXF 3.4.2. (remm)
      •  Improvements to French translations. (remm)
      •  Improvements to Korean translations. (woonsan)
      •  Improvements to Brazilian Portuguese translations. Provided by Thiago. (mark)
      •  Improvements to Russian translations. Provided by Azat. (mark)
      •  Improvements to Chinese translations. Provided by shawn. (mark)
      •  Update to bnd 5.3.0. (markt)

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