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Ability to configure workflow in tools


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      The ability to configure workflow in tools, which involve the handing off of items between users would be useful, such as Assessment tools like Assignments or Samigo. These tools already have some notion of this, such as their ability to had an assignment back for a student to do it over. It would be nice to make this workflow more configurable, however, inorder to support other use cases. For instance, you might just one grade (or Assignment) to reflect work on a paper where first the student submits an outline, you review it and return it, they then submit a rough draft, you review and return it, then they finally submit a paper. Maybe it goes even further and you allow multiple drafts to be submitted before you finally grade one.

      Another example comes for sharing grading responsibilities on complex submissions, such as exams, where different instructors are responsible for grading specific questions; the old split up the stack of exams and pass them from office to office, which we can avoid hopefully in the electronic world of Sakai. An individual instructor would like to be able to tell which exams they've left to work on, or have already worked on. It would also be useful to know when the exams are all done; when the instructors have all completed their pieces then whomever is responsible can be notified or see an indication in interface that thing are now ready for their step, such as releasing the grades at the appropriate time.

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