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Fix display of due and submitted dates in Samigo email notifications


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      Contributed Patch is Attached – Sakai 10.2
      UVa applied the email notification feature to our Sakai 10.2 version (SAM-1947), working with Brian Jones and Leonardo Canessa. Our QA revealed a few issues with due and submitted date display in the emails.

      1. The email notification sent to both students and instructors contains a line of text, Assessment Due Date, that never has a value entered, REGARDLESS of the assessment's date settings (due date or late accept date entered). We would like to display the value from the due date field here, NOT the value from the late accept date field, regardless of whether a late accept date is entered.
      2. Ensure the Due Date format is displayed with same formatting as the Submitted Date in the emails.
      3. The submission date is not consistent in its date format between the different ways the email is generated (for example, auto submitted vs manually submitted).

      We are contributing a patch for the missing due date, also ensuring its display format matches that of the submit date, and submission date display formatting for consistency. This patch applies to 10.2.

      • File: 590_SAK-4919_emailNotifyFixDateDisplays.patch

      Additional Note

      • Due Date display is not internationalized. UVa has not addressed this I18N issue in this patch contribution.

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