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Expected behavior is unclear when accessing the Evaluate This Class tool



      Support contacts from both students and instructors indicate that the purpose and use of this tool is unclear when it is accessed by site participants. Most users expect to see their course evaluations when accessing this tool. Instead, when clicking on the tool, they see what appears to be a header followed by a block of text.

      It is not clear that the user is expected to click on the link, because the link appears to be only a header and it seems that many users don't bother to read the accompanying text to the point (the last line) where they are told to "click the link above" to go to the actual evaluation.

      I suggest moving the link below the text block, change the link to invite action, e.g., "Click here to access your Teaching Questionnaires Dashboard", and change the last line of the text to say "click the link below". This would bring the tool more in alignment with it's primary purpose, instructor encouragement of participation, by beginning with the instructor's exhortation to participate, and ending with a link to easily serve up their evals. It seems illogical to serve up the link then provide the encouragement.

      Sample support contact:

      Entered on 12/10/2012 at 13:55:19
      User has a question about Evaluate this Class. She used to be able to see exactly how many students could evaluate
      the class so far, but she cannot find how to see this now.

      SC had user click the Teaching Questionnaire Dashboard, which took her to My Workspace. This showed how many
      people have completed evaluations for each course. User is all set.

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