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Key Summary P Status Resolution Updated Assignee Created Creator Affects Version/s Components Development

SAK-28014 Delegated Access needs date picker update

Minor RESOLVED Fixed Jose Cebellán (Entornos de Formación) Wilma Hodges 11.2, 12.0 DelegatedAccess

SAK-28014 Statistics tool needs date picker update

Major Verified Fixed Miguel Pellicer Wilma Hodges 11.3, 12.0 Sitestats

SAK-28014 Podcasts calendar selection does not appear to use default calendar

Minor RESOLVED Duplicate Core Team Kyle Blythe 11.0 Podcasts

SAK-28014 Chat calendar appears to be different from system-wide default

Minor RESOLVED Duplicate Unassigned Kyle Blythe 11.0 Calendar Widget, Chat

SAK-28014 resources use wrong date widget

Major Verified Fixed Unassigned Adam Marshall 11.0 Content

SAK-28014 Calendar tool doesn't have updated date widget

Critical Verified Fixed Molly Kelsey (Inactive) Adam Marshall 11.0 Calendar

SAK-28014 Podcasts publish is using old style date picker instead of the new one

Major Verified Fixed Miguel Pellicer Matthew Jones 10.0, 11.3 Podcasts

SAK-28014 Update SignUp with the new date picker introduced in SAK-23662

Critical RESOLVED Fixed Miguel Pellicer Jose Mariano Lujan 10.0, 11.3 Signup

SAK-28014 Assignment resubmission Accept Until date still using old datepicker

Major CLOSED Fixed Neal Caidin Curtis van Osch 10.2 Assignments

SAK-28014 Assignment visible Date is using old style date picker instead of the new one

Major CLOSED Fixed Juan José Meroño Sánchez Juan José Meroño Sánchez 10.2 Assignments

SAK-28014 Chat - please use new date picker for consistency

Major Verified Fixed Miguel Pellicer Alan Regan 10.0, 11.3 Calendar Widget, Chat

SAK-28014 Add new DatePicker to Gradebook

Major CLOSED Won't Fix Unassigned Sam Ottenhoff 10.0 Gradebook Classic

SAK-28014 Syllabus bulk datepicker should use internationalized versions

Major RESOLVED Fixed Miguel Pellicer Sam Ottenhoff 10.0 Internationalization, Syllabus