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Key Summary P Status Resolution Updated Assignee Created Creator Affects Version/s Components Development

SAK-30542 Breadcrumb display is wrong for subsites

Major Verified Fixed Sristi Shrestha Adam Marshall 11.0 morpheus, Portal

SAK-30542 Ipad - spacing/alignment issues

Minor OPEN Unresolved Jose Cebellán (Entornos de Formación) Molly Kelsey (Inactive) 11.0 Calendar Summary, Home

SAK-30542 No Home button in mobile view to access My Workspace

Major Verified Fixed Sristi Shrestha Molly Kelsey (Inactive) 11.0 My Workspace

SAK-30542 When left menu is minimized, tool name on hover can look odd

Minor OPEN Unresolved Unassigned Jeff Pasch 11.0 morpheus, Portal

SAK-30542 Bulleted List (edit mode) does not display bullets (view mode)

Blocker Verified Fixed Molly Kelsey (Inactive) Laura Gekeler 11.0 Home, WYSIWYG Widget (FCK & CK Editor)

SAK-30542 iPad: Unable to log out if you get an error message and the screen doesn't load fully

Major OPEN Unresolved Unassigned Tiffany Stull 11.0 morpheus

SAK-30542 Styled tool menu toggle button to work for mouse and finger

Minor Verified Fixed Molly Kelsey (Inactive) Shawn Foster 11.0, 12.0 morpheus

SAK-30542 publish site button unstyled

Major Verified Fixed Eduardo Rey Jara Juan José Meroño Sánchez 11.0 morpheus

SAK-30542 Portal Chat disappears when display size is small

Minor OPEN Unresolved Adrian Fish Alexandre Ballesté 11.0 morpheus, Portal Chat