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Key Summary P Status Resolution Updated Assignee Created Creator Affects Version/s Components Development

SAK-41290 Gradebook: Keyboard shortcut dialog does not have keyboard focus

Critical OPEN Unresolved Core Team Jen Bethmann 20.0, 21.0 [Tentative] Accessibility

SAK-41290 Certain components in gradebook not accesible while using the keyboard

Critical RESOLVED Fixed Jose Cebellán (Entornos de Formación) Deepthi Srinivasan 20.0, 21.0 [Tentative] Accessibility, Gradebook

SAK-41290 gradebook, accessibility: Keyboard users cannot close the "Click here to start grading" tooltip

Major Verified Fixed Core Team Tiffany Stull   Accessibility, Gradebook

SAK-41290 gradebook, accessibility: Grade Statistics bar charts readability/accessibility issues

Major RESOLVED Fixed Core Team Tiffany Stull    

SAK-41290 Gradebook / cannot enter grade on mobile

Major Verified Fixed Unassigned Derek Ramsey 12.5, 19.0, 20.0 Accessibility, Gradebook

SAK-41290 accessibility: gradebook with categories: Move Left/Move Right should not be available when you can't move the item in that direction.

Major CLOSED Fixed Adrian Fish Andrea Schmidt 19.0, 20.0 Accessibility, Gradebook

SAK-41290 Gradebook: Edit Item Details modal is not properly responsive

Major CLOSED Fixed Adrian Fish Tiffany Stull 19.0, 20.0 Accessibility, Gradebook

SAK-41290 gradebook, accessibility: Message to instructor needed if no gradebook items visible to students.

Major OPEN Unresolved Core Team Tiffany Stull 11.4, 11.5 [Tentative], 12.0, 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, 12.4, 19.0 Accessibility, Gradebook

SAK-41290 JAWS Accessibility - Edit Items Drop Down Menu Gradebook

Major OPEN Unresolved Core Team Marissa Thompson 11.4 Accessibility, Gradebook

SAK-41290 Apply keyboard navigation to GB column headers and cell menus

Critical RESOLVED Fixed Core Team Kyle Blythe 12.0, 19.0 Accessibility, Gradebook