Version 1.8.0-a3


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Released: 13-Jan-2012

Release Notes

CriticalBugGRBK-691SubmitFinalGrades rest resource behaves differently than other resourcesUnassignedClosed
CriticalBugGRBK-715History does not retain record of Category & Item deletionsUnassignedClosed
CriticalBugGRBK-1119After importing a file, one of the Unassigned items an item disappeared, it reappeared when hitting Refresh arrowUnassignedClosed
CriticalBugGRBK-1167Adding a new item using an existing item name show meaningless 401 errorUnassignedClosed
CriticalTaskGRBK-1206Update Jersey (REST JSR-311) and Jackson librariesUnassignedClosed
MajorBugGRBK-638getHistory throwing errors parsing datesUnassignedClosed
MajorBugGRBK-700Grade import history needs to differentiate (% to Letter) and (Letter to Letter) "conversion"UnassignedClosed
MajorBugGRBK-1100Notification when import excel file error can disappear way too quicklyUnassignedClosed
MajorBugGRBK-1122Column menus in right hand side's import panel (Preview of Import Grades) don't workUnassignedReopened
MajorBugGRBK-1128Add documentation to the create/edit category form panel that explains "drop lowest" if selectedUnassignedClosed
MajorBugGRBK-1147Grid size (25) notification dialog issueUnassignedClosed
MajorBugGRBK-1150Add Windows like top right hand side close button to dialog windowsUnassignedClosed
MinorBugGRBK-1209add 'sakai:deploy goal' dependencies to grabebook2 pom and update eclipse classpath for 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT edu-servicesUnassignedClosed
TrivialBugGRBK-1172Tooltip on the gradebook->tools->import option is inaccurateUnassignedClosed
TrivialBugGRBK-1184Gradebook spelling inconsistentUnassignedClosed
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