[SAK-10762] Modify WS Setup to allow for adding participants via email address Created: 16-Jul-2007  Updated: 23-Oct-2008  Resolved: 14-Sep-2007

Status: CLOSED
Project: Sakai
Component/s: Worksite Setup
Affects Version/s: 2.3.0, 2.3.1, 2.3.x, 2.4.0, 2.4.1, 2.4.x
Fix Version/s: 2.5.0

Type: Task Priority: Major
Reporter: Seth Theriault Assignee: Seth Theriault
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Sometimes, you just can't remember a person's username but have the e-mail address. Josh Holtzman committed a change for bSpace:

BSP-1010 – Modified WS Setup to allow for adding participants via email address.

that allows you to do this.

Comment by Seth Theriault [ 16-Jul-2007 ]

Attached patch works tested against 2.4.x

Comment by John Leasia (Inactive) [ 13-Sep-2007 ]

Zhen can probably merge this in -
But just want to clarify. There are 2 entry boxes on the add participants page - one for account ids and one for email address based guest accounts. Does this allow an email address in the first box (currently not allowed)?

There is also a prohibition of certain domains in the 2nd box for email addresses, sakai.property controlled. So for example, with this patch, I guess someone could put in jleasia@umich.edu in the first box, which is for account names, and not be able to put jleasia@umich.edu in the second box, which is for guest accounts, which here can't have @umich.edu. I think it's a useful change, just want to see if we need to change the text on the page or something to make it clear what is going on.

Comment by Stephen Marquard [ 13-Sep-2007 ]

Example from our local version attached. We don't allow @uct.ac.za in guest emails, but I could add myself using my Sakai account email address (stephen.marquard@uct.ac.za) in the box, rather than specifying a username (as these are numeric, almost nobody knows other people's usernames offhand).

Comment by Oliver Heyer (Inactive) [ 13-Sep-2007 ]

This is a revision of the screen that UCB is about to implement. We have had a lot of confusion and problems as a result of implementing this patch without a concomitant UI change.

Comment by Stephen Marquard [ 13-Sep-2007 ]

Our users don't seem to have had difficulties with the UI.

A twist in the tale (looking at UCB's reference to official email addresses) is that in our configuration, users can change their account email address. This defeats adding someone by their official address (because they're using another one, e.g. gmail). So what we ideally want to be able to do is check against an alternate authoritative / canonical source, e.g. the email address from the system mutable profile, that the user cannot change. We haven't implemented this yet, however.

Comment by Oliver Heyer (Inactive) [ 13-Sep-2007 ]

It does look like UCT altered the instructional text, though. By referencing the UI, I was largely endorsing John's suggestion that the text be changed to make explicit the differences between the two boxes.

BTW, "official email address" is not entirely accurate here. You have to maintain a private ,berkeley.edu domain address (not necessarily @berkeley.edu), but you can also optionally list and expose another of your choosing. Those addresses can be used to add campus participants, too. The LDAP entry is made unique by an otherwise meaningless (to the user) numerical string, the LDAP UID. Ugh.

Comment by Zhen Qian [ 14-Sep-2007 ]

Josh's patch has been merged in r35117.

UI has also been changed according to UCB's mockup.

The demo sakai.properties file has been changed to reflect the configuration variable changes. Institutions need to adjust those variables accordingly.


  • Zhen
Comment by Megan May [ 06-Feb-2008 ]

Tasks for 2.5.0 have been completed. We're nearing the end of the QA cycle and A lot of general regression testing has been going on for the past few months - the changes have likely been reviewed via this method of testing

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