[SAK-15653] Add a tinyurl implementation to make sending URLs in emails etc simpler. Created: 10-Feb-2009  Updated: 27-Mar-2012  Resolved: 21-Oct-2010

Status: CLOSED
Project: Sakai
Component/s: Portal
Affects Version/s: 2.7.1
Fix Version/s: 2.8.0

Type: Feature Request Priority: Major
Reporter: Steve Swinsburg Assignee: Steve Swinsburg
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We need a TinyUrl like system whereby a tool can generate a link to something which might be horrendously long (ie those off the toolstate- kind where many parameters are needed to preserve state), call a method which creates a tinyurl link and returns it instead.

This link could then be sent in emails easily. When clicked it would be translated back to it's original form and passed to the portal or similar.

something like

Comment by Steve Swinsburg [ 11-Feb-2009 ]

I have this in contrib for now, ideally this could be reviewed and go into trunk.


Comment by Steve Swinsburg [ 13-Feb-2009 ]

Moved to https://source.sakaiproject.org/contrib/tinyurl

Comment by Antranig Basman (Inactive) [ 19-Feb-2009 ]

Please note that at CARET we have developed this tinyURLService https://source.sakaiproject.org/contrib/caret/tinyurl-service which we have been using in production for over a year.

Comment by Steve Swinsburg [ 19-Feb-2009 ]

I did notice the CARET one after I had developed this one, the functionality is essentially the same. Aaron Z, myself and several others are prepared to maintain this and I'm quite willing to develop it for K2.

Comment by David Adams [ 25-Sep-2009 ]

Any such tool or service should probably not use the name "TinyURL" as it's a US trademark: [deleted link]

Edited 2009-10-05: The link I posted included some session information apparently. A followup search reveals that "TinyURL.com" is not yet a trademark, just that the application has been made.

Comment by Steve Swinsburg [ 25-Sep-2009 ]

We discussed that here, but not being a lawyer, do trademarks still apply even if that portion of the word is incorporated into a larger word to make it a different word? And spelt differently with different uppercase characters? (TinyUrlService is what it currently is)

Happy to change it though. Open to suggestions.

Seth also had some good ideas for names at the Boston conference

Comment by David Adams [ 05-Oct-2009 ]

Well, I can't speak to the legal technicalities, myself, but I think it's important to distinguish this tool from TinyURL.com. I've already encountered confusion on the issue among folks I work with.

On the other hand, I'm sure there's no good name for this type of service that isn't already taken, whether it's trademarked or not. Confluence seems to call them "Tiny Link"s, but of course there is a tinylink.com which provides the same service. Also shorturl.com.

Comment by Steve Swinsburg [ 21-Oct-2010 ]

This is now in and has multiple configurable implementations.

For further updates, see

or contact the Sakai2 Technical Coordination Committee.

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