[SAK-19787] Suspected usability issue in PDA portal - 86% bounce rate Created: 07-Jan-2011  Updated: 29-Jul-2011  Resolved: 29-Jul-2011

Status: CLOSED
Project: Sakai
Component/s: Portal
Affects Version/s: 2.7.1, 2.8.0
Fix Version/s: 2.7.2, 2.8.0

Type: Bug Priority: Major
Reporter: John Johnston Assignee: Gonzalo Silverio
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is related to SAK-20179 add link to mobile visible to all mob... CLOSED
Property addition/change required:
Previous Issue Keys: UMICH-268
Release Notes: Adds a link to the portal to take user to /portal/pda

Link is rendered if sakai property is set:

portal.add.mobile.link=true - link will show
portal.add.mobile.link=false or no property - link will not show

Skin needs to account for the link invisibility to desktop users, and for its visibility to mobile webkit users. See stock Sakai /skin/default/portal.css for example, searching for "#mobile-portal-link"


Site analytics show a 86% bounce rate and 84% exit rate for the PDA portal. This and comments to the support queue seem to indicate that users may be confused about the intent of the "Switch to Full View" button.

Users have no obvious return path to the PDA version once they select the "Switch to Full View" button. You actually need to force quit the (iPhone/iPad) safari app then reopen the Sakai URL so it will again auto-detect that you are using a mobile device. Previous to iOS4 you could only have one application open at a time, so clicking the home button would quit the application. In iOS4 the default behavior for most apps is to stay open in the background so in that case you need to force it to quit the app.

Manually quitting an iphone app:

1) Double click the home button.
2) Hold down the app icon till it starts shaking.
3) Tap the red icon with the minus sign above the app icon.

As a temp solution we may want to put a direct link to the pda portal in the MOTD:

Comment by Zhen Qian [ 07-Jan-2011 ]

Or they can type in /pda to the end of the url for now to force the browser to use pda portal

Comment by Gonzalo Silverio [ 07-Jan-2011 ]

This is really good info John.

We can render selectively a link to portal/pda in /portal in some prominent place by detecting a mobile device and rendering the link just to them.

Comment by Matthew Jones [ 07-Jan-2011 ]

Agreed, the link to switch back and forth should always be present in a mobile device. This is how it works on google/yahoo/etc. If you are not on a mobile browser you won't see this special link.


Comment by John Johnston [ 08-Jan-2011 ]

I know the intent was not to publicize the tool, however we are auto detecting for mobile devices and have had over 6500 visits (8000+ page views) to the pda portal.

In addition to creating a return path for users that selects the "switch to full view" link, I would strongly suggest that we directly send users to their list of sites (https://ctools.umich.edu/portal/pda/?force.login=yes). The mobile paradigm is minimal steps to the most useful information. Sending them to the gateway presents them with too many options, most of which are not what they are looking for. The login link has the least visual weight on the page, yet is the option that provides the path to success for the user.

Comment by Gonzalo Silverio [ 10-Jan-2011 ]

Possible renderings for Sakai and Ctools of the "Mobile" link. Visible only by mobile webkit. Sakai stock has a mobile link in the footer as well. But we have very little control of its visibility to different clients.

Comment by John Johnston [ 26-Jan-2011 ]

I would support Gonzalo's approach to including a "mobile version" tab at the top of the standard interface [when viewed from a mobile webkit client].

When we are in a state where we can officially announce the portable pda, we can discuss the value of displaying a link to the pda portal to all clients.

Regarding the high bounce rate: upon a deeper look at the source rendered for the pda portal it is apparent the google analytics script does not penetrate beyond the gateway links. This likely accounts for some % of the bounce rate.

Comment by Gonzalo Silverio [ 10-Feb-2011 ]

portal.add.mobile.link=false or no property - link will not show
portal.add.mobile.link=true - link will show

Skin needs to account for the link display.

Comment by Hudson CI Server [ 10-Feb-2011 ]

Integrated in sakai trunk #442 (See http://builds.sakaiproject.org:8080/job/sakai%20trunk/442/)
SAK-19787 -CSS portion / add visible (to mobile webkit) link to mobile portal for soft roll outs
SAK-19787 - add visible (to mobile webkit) link to mobile portal for soft roll outs

Comment by Anthony Whyte [ 22-Feb-2011 ]

2.8.x, r88662-63.

Comment by Zhen Qian [ 29-Jul-2011 ]

reopen to import to 2.7.x

Comment by Zhen Qian [ 29-Jul-2011 ]

r88345 and r88346 have been merged into 2.7.x

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