[SAK-22313] Configuration changes should be allowed via an admin UI Created: 21-Jun-2012  Updated: 07-Dec-2018

Status: OPEN
Project: Sakai
Component/s: Config
Affects Version/s: 2.7.2, 2.8.2, 2.9.0
Fix Version/s: None

Type: Feature Request Priority: Critical
Reporter: Core Team Assignee: Earle R Nietzel
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Issue Links:
depends on SAK-21168 Identify the config by changing the S... CLOSED
depends on SAK-39443 Persist the config changes in the DB ... RESOLVED
SAK-22314 Create an admin UI for listing and ed... Sub-task RESOLVED  


All major LMSs have the ability to modify the configuration of the system via the database. In some ways this is better than only loading them from the files (could reduce the need for restarts, avoids files out of sync issues, etc.)

This is the master ticket and most of the work should happen in subtasks.

Changes to the configuration service (major ones) added the core support necessary and APIs to support this in general. We will probably build on the work in the config viewer and config editor tools.

Notes from the TCC meeting in 2012:
Configuration in the UI properties/messages (all other major LMSs have this)
Complete config cleanup: SAK-21124 - Sakai default config is missing a huge number of config options - IN PROGRESS
Config persisted in the DB (master from files)
Register the config props in code (like function manager)
john bush put some thinking into a design with a raw prototype last year, see, Runtime configuration of properties in 2.10. rSmart would very much like to get involved in this effort as it is closely related to the runtime config of i18n work we did a few years back.

Comment by Hudson CI Server [ 21-Jun-2012 ]

Integrated in kernel-trunk #517 (See http://builds.sakaiproject.org:8080/job/kernel-trunk/517/)
SAK-22316 improvements to the SCS and the listeners to allow better processing of config items
(support for SAK-22313) (Revision 109469)

Result = SUCCESS

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