[SAK-26616] Forum: hide rank image if not set Created: 09-Jul-2014  Updated: 16-Feb-2015  Resolved: 17-Nov-2014

Status: CLOSED
Project: Sakai
Component/s: Forums Tool
Affects Version/s: 10.0
Fix Version/s: 10.3, 11.0

Type: (Deprecated) Contributed Patch Priority: Minor
Reporter: Gao Jun Assignee: Brian Jones
Resolution: Fixed Votes: 0
Labels: 10MergeQuestion, PATCH_ADDED
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10 status: Resolved


If a rank without image set, it will display a blank image instead.
I think it's strange to display blank image. The user would be confused with it.

This patch will hide the rank image if no image set.

Comment by Sam Ottenhoff [ 17-Jul-2014 ]

Thanks for the patch!

Trunk commit r310862

Comment by Neal Caidin [ 03-Aug-2014 ]

The icon image is hidden if not set, but I am not seeing it come back when it is set.

Tested against local copy of 10.x at revision 310428 with patch applied. Mac /Firefox.

I also encountered a stack trace but it cleared up after I deleted browser cache. I am assuming it is not relevant to this issue, but it is the second time the Forums tool has crashed on me in the last couple of days.

Comment by Gao Jun [ 03-Aug-2014 ]

Checked, I invoked the wrong attribute. Sorry.

The 'msgcntr-trunk.diff' is based on trunk.

Since the last commit is not exactly as 'msgcntr.diff', so for 10.x branch, I made another patch (msgcntr-patch-on-patch.diff) which would works fine for 10.x branch (apply msgcntr.diff, then apply msgcntr-patch-on-patch.diff)

Comment by Neal Caidin [ 04-Aug-2014 ]

Okay, this seems to work now. I used it on 10.x in conjunction with SAK-26617 and SAK-26613 . Testing on localhost with revision 311535 on Mac / Firefox.

Comment by Gao Jun [ 04-Aug-2014 ]

Another commit is needed for msgcntr-trunk.diff
Anyone can help?

Comment by Matthew Jones [ 07-Aug-2014 ]

Applied msgcntr-trunk diff patch 2 in r311654

Comment by Hudson CI Server [ 11-Aug-2014 ]

Integrated in sakai-trunk-java-1.7 #339 (See http://builds.sakaiproject.org:8080/job/sakai-trunk-java-1.7/339/)

Result = SUCCESS

Comment by Paul Lukasewych [ 03-Nov-2014 ]

This works but it does have the effect of moving the location of rank's name depending on whether or not there is an image. Without an image, the name of the rank is displayed to the right of the avatar, whereas with an image the name of the rank appears below the avatar. This would probably be better with an invisible placeholder for the missing image, like a <div> with width: 35px and height: 35px.

Comment by Neal Caidin [ 10-Nov-2014 ]

I would vote for merging this into 10.x and opening a new ticket to make consistent the location of the rank's name.

Comment by Paul Lukasewych [ 14-Nov-2014 ]

Attached is a patch that adjusts the display of the rank name to be more consistent in its location and display on both the thread view and the individual message view. The rank image will now appear to the left of the rank name, if the image exists. All rank information, not just the image, now appears to the right of the avatar image.

Comment by Matthew Jones [ 17-Nov-2014 ]

Looks okay to me to change, assigning to Brian to commit

Comment by Brian Jones [ 17-Nov-2014 ]

r315480 (trunk)

Comment by Brian Baillargeon [ 18-Nov-2014 ]

Verified the rank image appears iff one is provided on the threaded view as well as the individual messages view; when an image is not present, the rank's text is positioned appropriately

Comment by Hudson CI Server [ 23-Nov-2014 ]

SUCCESS: Integrated in sakai-trunk-java-1.7 #522 (See http://builds.sakaiproject.org:8080/job/sakai-trunk-java-1.7/522/)
SAK-26616: forum hide rank image if not set; patch from Gao Jun, Paul L. (bjones86@uwo.ca: rev 315480)

Comment by Hudson CI Server [ 01-Dec-2014 ]

SUCCESS: Integrated in sakai-10-java-1.7 #150 (See http://builds.sakaiproject.org:8080/job/sakai-10-java-1.7/150/)
SAK-26616 merge 310862, 311654, 315480 from trunk (enietzel@anisakai.com: rev 315806)

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