[SAK-32016] Morpheus UX Issues Affecting 11.2 Created: 15-Dec-2016  Updated: 22-Jan-2018

Status: OPEN
Project: Sakai
Component/s: morpheus
Affects Version/s: 11.2
Fix Version/s: None

Type: Bug Priority: Major
Reporter: Laura Gekeler Assignee: Unassigned
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 0
Labels: None
Remaining Estimate: Not Specified
Time Spent: Not Specified
Original Estimate: Not Specified


Issue Links:
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incorporates SAK-30703 width of table does not display prope... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-30974 start date and end date modal overlap RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31204 Button styling in Assignments tool RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31359 Drop Highest / Drop Lowest / Keep Hig... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31614 Ensure screen reader specific content... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-37347 Student View: Return to Assessment Li... RESOLVED
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incorporates SAK-30698 screen width does not adjust properly... CLOSED
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incorporates SAK-30973 field and field label alignment on re... CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31001 Remove extra space beneath "Grade Rep... CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31004 Mobile - Formatting issues with title... CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31088 Formatting on "Add Podcast" is off CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31119 Mobile - tool tabs display in white d... CLOSED
incorporates SAK-30704 DA check boxes appear cut off Verified
incorporates SAK-30959 "Select" column too wide in default s... Verified
incorporates SAK-31087 Formatting on default screen off Verified
incorporates SAK-37305 Clicking Part title redirects to top ... Verified
incorporates SAK-23405 All help content hardcodes "default" ... Awaiting Review
incorporates SAK-31478 When Home, mouse-over site names are ... Awaiting Review
incorporates SAK-31605 Subsite title gets cut on mobile view Awaiting Review
incorporates SAK-31754 Improve button consistency in forums Awaiting Review
incorporates SAK-31847 Difficult to read Forum post- one par... Awaiting Review
incorporates SAK-31883 date picker is cutting off the bottom... Awaiting Review
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incorporates SAK-32019 Logging In Button Sizing (iPhone5S) OPEN
incorporates SAK-31775 Popdown information is cropped and ha... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31245 Long instructor comments from Assignm... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31483 PA System Banner does not appear in m... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31696 Collapsible side-tools menu descripti... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31738 Remove text on sub-site button when l... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31799 Favourite sites are not available on ... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31829 HTML tables in user-created content i... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31978 Images elements not responsive when i... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-32020 Sakai DropDown Hard to Read Mobile vi... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-37894 Subpage color in breadcrumb can be ha... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-38152 Tool Installer link placement is odd RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31362 Extra space on right side of the scre... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31617 Ensure sufficient colour contrast: WC... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31650 scrolling down on mobile screen when ... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31720 Lessons: Buttons not aligned RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31429 "Delete" confirmation in PA System op... CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31487 Step 4 of the Tutorial (Breadcrumbs) ... CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31610 Ensure keyboard focus is indicated vi... CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31456 Collapsible side-tools menu won't sti... CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31509 problem with long breadcrumbs CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31676 silk icons still used in synoptic cal... CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31739 Subsite buttons are poorly formatted ... CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31827 Assign an icon for the Trusted Apps tool CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31938 Tool title text appears on top of pop... CLOSED
incorporates SAK-35656 Long Multiple choice answers cause ba... CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31710 Alignment of titles on overview page CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31953 Pointer arrow not showing for the too... CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31616 Ensure that keyboard focus remains wi... Verified
incorporates SAK-31506 Description box doesnt behave like th... Verified
incorporates SAK-31615 Ensure simulated controls are keyboar... Verified
incorporates SAK-31804 Clicking on + on folder icon in Mobil... Verified
incorporates SAK-32458 signup tool not responsive Verified
incorporates SAK-37792 Location of "Manage or Install" tools... Verified
incorporates SAK-36463 Comma in front of user id in drop-dow... Verified
incorporates SAK-32371 Add font awesome icons to Resources Verified
incorporates SAK-32372 Access Servlet doesn't use font aweso... Verified
incorporates SAK-29449 Tool categorization support on Site i... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30917 viewing an announcement, the tool's t... OPEN
incorporates SAK-31577 Allow 'banner bar' to be customised o... OPEN
incorporates SAK-31651 Sticky header RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-31530 Initial styling of the Sakai footer f... CLOSED
incorporates SAK-31824 Enhance configuration of the tool/sub... CLOSED
incorporates DASH-387 Dashboard tools - Morpheus issues fro... OPEN
incorporates SAK-29986 Calendar/Schedule tool - Morpheus iss... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30539 Assignments - Morpheus issues from Te... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30540 Forums - Morpheus issues from Test Fests OPEN
incorporates SAK-30542 Portal - Morpheus issues from Test Fests OPEN
incorporates SAK-30543 Resources - Morpheus issues from Test... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30544 Roster - Morpheus issues from Test Fests OPEN
incorporates SAK-30545 Site Info - Morpheus issues from Test... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30546 Syllabus - Morpheus issues from Test ... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30547 Worksite setup - Morpheus issues from... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30549 Chat room - Morpheus issues from Test... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30550 Dropbox - Morpheus issues from Test F... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30551 Membership - Morpheus issues from Tes... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30553 Preferences - Morpheus issues from Te... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30554 Profile - Morpheus issues from Test F... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30555 Section Info - Morpheus issues from T... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30556 SignUp - Morpheus issues from Test Fests OPEN
incorporates SAK-30557 Statistics - Morpheus issues from Tes... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30558 Web content - Morpheus issues from Te... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30566 Messages - Morpheus issues from Test ... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30623 Email (Mail Sender) - Morpheus issues... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30635 Gradebook - Morpheus issues from Test... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30693 Delegated Access - Morpheus issues fr... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30771 PA System - Morpheus Issues from Test... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30857 User Membership (admin tool) - Morphe... OPEN
incorporates SAK-31061 Admin tools - Morpheus issues from Te... OPEN
incorporates SAK-31085 Podcasts - Morpheus issues from Test ... OPEN
incorporates SAK-31097 Post'em - Morpheus issues from Test F... OPEN
incorporates SAK-31101 Synoptic Tool Page (Home tool in Site... OPEN
incorporates SAK-30548 Announcements - Morpheus issues from ... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-30552 Polls - Morpheus issues from Test Fests RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-30705 Email Templates - Morpheus issues fro... RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-37294 Samigo - Morpheus issues from Test Fests RESOLVED
incorporates SAK-30628 External Tool - Morpheus issues from ... Verified
is related to SAK-32019 Logging In Button Sizing (iPhone5S) OPEN
is related to SAK-32100 Tools and subsites buttons remain min... CLOSED
is related to SAK-32017 Missing gridline in tools widget on n... Verified


Please create a jira for all issues you find and link it to this issue for traceability in our next big UI push.

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