[SAK-32045] Change text 'My Workspace' to "Home" in worksite setup Created: 22-Dec-2016  Updated: 08-Feb-2019  Resolved: 20-Jul-2018

Status: Resolved
Project: Sakai
Component/s: Worksite Setup
Affects Version/s: 11.2
Fix Version/s: 12.0, 19.0 [Tentative]

Type: Feature Request Priority: Major
Reporter: Nick Wilson Assignee: Core Team
Resolution: Incomplete Votes: 0
Labels: documentation

Attachments: File SAK-32045.patch    
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Conversion Script Required:
Test Plan:

1. Go to worksite setup search for My Workspace, non should be found
2 search for Home - this should be found
3. Create a new user and do the same thing and check My Workspace is Home.
4. Also this changes the site description to Home Site.


Worksite setup still has the name as My Workspace

Comment by Neal Caidin [ 05-Jan-2017 ]

I made this a blocker priority because I believe it impacts behavior negatively on mobile devices when performing Sakai upgrades to 11 (based on dev thread discussion).

Comment by Nick Wilson [ 05-Jan-2017 ]

I need to change this PR so that it just talks about 'Home' and not 'My Home'

Comment by Adam Marshall [ 10-Jan-2017 ]

this is for EN locale only

Comment by Nick Wilson [ 10-Jan-2017 ]

I've attached a patch (SAK-32045.patch) which is the same as the PR but it changes 'My Workspace' to 'Home' (rather than 'My Home').

Comment by Anirudh Nagulapalli [ 20-Apr-2017 ]

Tested in trunk. The root folder is still 'My workspace' rather than 'home'

Comment by Adam Marshall [ 21-Apr-2017 ]

this is patch that interested parties may download. It is not something that can be tested as it does not represent a code change.

The reason it is just a patch and not a code change is because it only work for the English Language installations of Sakai

Comment by Adam Marshall [ 21-Apr-2017 ]

I think that this Jira should simply be resolved.

Comment by Neal Caidin [ 21-Apr-2017 ]

Definitely should not be a blocker then. Downgrading to Major priority.

Comment by Derek Ramsey [ 18-May-2017 ]

Also need to make sure the search box from the Sites drawer finds when a user searches for Home. Currently it does not, but searching for My Workspace pulls up Home.

Comment by Dave Eveland [ 18-May-2017 ]

Yes Derek Ramsey I noticed this as well.

Comment by Adam Marshall [ 19-May-2017 ]

SAK-32027 should fix the searching issue.

Comment by Matthew Jones [ 04-Aug-2017 ]

Okay, I'm putting up some new PR's for this, to fix the initial scripts and to fix the conversions.

Comment by Brian Jones [ 17-Aug-2017 ]

I think it's worth mentioning that these SQL scripts only run on the "!user" template site.

If an institution has manually created any other account type specific templates (ie. "!user.registered", "!user.student", etc.), they will need to modify the relevant pieces of the SQL script to also touch their custom user site templates.

Comment by Matthew Jones [ 17-Aug-2017 ]

Yeah, that's a good suggestion, you mean on the SQL script. I could change this to

WHERE SITE_ID like '!user%';

Comment by Brian Jones [ 17-Aug-2017 ]

Yep, that's exactly what I did for us here at Western. Except we had a specific one that I had to exclude in the like '!user%' query and update in it's own query as we had a custom DESCRIPTION for it.

Comment by Brian Jones [ 21-Aug-2017 ]

While this does address the issue of 'My Workspace' appearing in Worksite Setup, the test plan results in a failure:

1. Go to worksite setup search for My Workspace, non should be found
2 search for Home - this should be found

Searching for 'Home' or 'home' will not return any results, for existing users or newly created users. This is true in both 11.x and 12.x.

Comment by Andrea Schmidt [ 18-Dec-2017 ]

As noted above, searching for Home or home, returns no results. Checked with new user and as admin.

As admin, on Sakai - 12.0 - QA2 10/16/2017 - Sakai 12.0-QA2 - Server ip-172-31-6-159, searching for 'My Workspace' returns no results, but as admin on Sakai - 11.x - Sakai 6c3b7da2a42e49d056ef37521f131977850571d8 - Server ip-172-31-6-159, 'My Workspace' is found.


Comment by Derek Ramsey [ 06-Feb-2018 ]

Searching for Home or home as a user does not return any results on 12x.  Searching as the admin user for Home does return their Home tool site.

Comment by Matthew Jones [ 20-Jul-2018 ]

I'll close this as incomplete. If you have specific issues still that need to be addressed with master/19 please re-open but there were merges here against 12 already.

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