[SAK-32083] New Tagging Service and tool Created: 11-Jan-2017  Updated: 22-Jan-2018  Resolved: 14-Mar-2017

Project: Sakai
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Fix Version/s: 12.0

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is depended on by SAK-34808 Tagging and Search capabilities RESOLVED


A new service (with his administrative tool) has been created to allow tag management in Sakai.

The service provides the ability to manage tag collections, and to be queried by other tools to tag elements.

It will be used in a first version by Samigo (in a different JIRA) where the questions will be able to be tagged, and then searched by Tag.

This video demonstrates the tag feature (the instructor part) in Samigo (in SAM-3115)

As said, the service runs behind this feature.

It has a REST interface, a UI admin tool, and some jobs to synchronize the tags collections.

It is running at this moment in a 11.x version and I'm working into apply it to trunk. I will make the PR once that is done and tested.

Comment by Diego del Blanco Orobitg [ 17-Jan-2017 ]

These properties can modify tags service ( I need to add them to the default sakai.properties file)


#If the tag service will be enabled or not. (default is true)

#The max size of the pages returned by the rest services in searches and lists
#to avoid heavy queries in big collections. (By default 200)

#You can find samples of these files in the sources of sakai, at: /tags/tags-impl/impl/src/resources/xmlsamples
#The route inside the SAKAI folder for the full collection XML file.
#It will delete all the non updated tags of the collection, so
#it needs to be complete because after update and create the
#new tags, it will delete the tags that can't be found in the file. (By default tags/fullxmltags.xml)

#The route inside the SAKAI folder for the "one by one" update option
#(By default tags/tags.xml and tags/tagcollections.xml)

#The route inside the SAKAI folder for the MESH collection file:
#It can be downloaded from (The "Descriptors" file):
#Needs to be the complete full file because after update and create the
#new tags, it will delete the tags that can't be found in the file.
#to work it needs to have previously created a collection with the external source defined as "MESH" (By default tags/mesh.xml)

#The email address that will receive the confirmation mails from the import jobs (by default uses the defined in portal.error.email)

Comment by Matthew Jones [ 26-Jan-2017 ]

Diego del Blanco Orobitg Could you add the properties it needs as part of this PR or at least create another jira so you remember to do it?

Also should the job(s) be scheduled to run by default or do you have some information we can add to the release notes about when they should be run?

This also needs the conversion script(s) added to the sakai_12 conversions.

Ideally the local .css files would also be moved into reference as scss so they could inherit the correct colors of the skins if needed.

Comment by Diego del Blanco Orobitg [ 08-Feb-2017 ]

I've updated all the requested items in the PR. Thanks Matt for the good advice.

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