[SAK-35101] Refactor extended time database model to be more efficient Created: 11-Jul-2016  Updated: 17-Apr-2018  Resolved: 22-Nov-2016

Project: Sakai
Component/s: Tests & Quizzes (Samigo)
Affects Version/s: 11.1, 12.0
Fix Version/s: 12.0

Type: Task Priority: Blocker
Reporter: Matthew Jones Assignee: Leonardo Canessa
Resolution: Fixed Votes: 1
Labels: TL, notready, qatestplanneeded
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11 status: Won't Fix


Extended time is currently storing it's data in the metadata field and is causing a number of regressions and is going to lead to problems down the road. It really should store it's data as a separate table. Then I believe most of these issues will clear up and we can re-enable this feature.

Relates to

And possibly others

Comment by Neal Caidin [ 04-Aug-2016 ]

Too much work here for 11.1. We will target 11.2

Comment by Matthew Jones [ 21-Sep-2016 ]

Leonardo Canessa Is this something you're working on? These jiras were something I (Longsight) was planning on getting done prior to 11.3 since I didn't believe anyone else was going to pick it up.

Comment by Leonardo Canessa [ 21-Sep-2016 ]

Matthew Jones, I'm working on it right now. I welcome any efforts towards collaboration.

EDIT: I have the hibernate / object part done. I am partially done with the front end (the framework is written, but a lot needs to be done to make it functional). I have a partial DAO. I'm currently working on making an actual Service for ExtendedTime. Of course, everything is harder in Samigo.

Comment by Matthew Jones [ 22-Nov-2016 ]

I merged this initial work and created/moved open subtasks related to this. Wait to verify/merge this until all of the subtasks are resolved.

Comment by Neal Caidin [ 01-Jan-2017 ]

Test plan ? Is there an uber-test plan for all these related issues?

Comment by Matthew Jones [ 01-Mar-2017 ]

Neal Caidin Laura had an uber-test plan on SAM-2914 for all of this at


I feel like that's really good. The only open issues I still know of are

  • SAM-3165 : Improved process for editing an existing row.
    • This is in progress
  • SAM-3094 : Settings are not saved unless user clicks to add exception
    • I think with the new UI that Sam did, it's a lot more clear and this isn't as necessary
  • SAM-3107 : Excepted students cannot view the test when site-level retract date is set to if "Late submission is not accepted"
    • This is one I still plan to investigate and improve. The issue is that on the regular date selection there's a "yes/no" for late submission, but there (currently isn't) on extended. It seems like if it's "No" then no dates in extended override this no. I think it should just have the date blank (for no override) or filled in (for override)
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