[SAK-36565] Test & Quiz Audio question fails to display when deployed via Lessons Created: 28-Mar-2017  Updated: 16-Jul-2018  Resolved: 29-Mar-2018

Status: Verified
Project: Sakai
Component/s: Tests & Quizzes (Samigo)
Affects Version/s: 11.3
Fix Version/s: 11.5 [Tentative], 12.2, 19.0

Type: Bug Priority: Critical
Reporter: Dede Hourican Assignee: Sam Ottenhoff
Resolution: Fixed Votes: 1
Labels: lessons, needssamtriage
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Google Version 57.0.2987.110 (64-bit)

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12 status: Resolved
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Previous Issue Keys: SAM-3182


Google Version 57.0.2987.110 (64-bit)

Create and publish a Test and Quiz with a single question "Student Audio Response" with Time allowed (seconds) 30, and Number of Tries Allowed: Unlimited
Create a lesson page, select "add content", select "Link to a test or quiz" and select the newly created single audio question test.

LogIn the role of Student
Access the Test and Quizzes tool, select the published single audio question test.
Begin the exam
Select "Click to record your answer... "
Popup displays the audio recorder tool
(The exam can be taken)

Rather than have the student go directly to the test and quizzes tool:
From the same role, access the Lessons page with the audio exam,
select the published exam
Click "Continue"
[The exam question displays]
Select "Click to record your answer... "
A pop-up window displays with the comment: "the site you requested is not available"
(This means the audio question did not display) see names 5.png

Comment by John A. Digilio [ 29-Mar-2017 ]

The URL you are directed to after clicking on the record link looks like: https://ilearn.marist.edu/portal/tool//jsf/author/audioRecordingPopup.faces?questionId=1245164&duration=10&triesAllowed=9999&attemptsRemaining=&questionNumber=1&questionTotal=1

Comment by Matthew Jones [ 03-Apr-2017 ]

This is probably related to one of two things:

  • Either lessons is a CSP sandbox option preventing access to the microphone. (Added link to LSNBLDR-783 to make that option configurable, right now you'd have to completely disable the security or leave it as is)
  • The audio question is having some iframe detection issues since in 11 there is only 1 iframe rather than 2, this has happened for many tools that are included into a tool in lessons (like CKEditor plugins, kaltura, warpwire, etc)
Comment by Neal Caidin [ 11-Sep-2017 ]

this seems like a critical priority issue?

Comment by Tiffany Stull [ 11-Sep-2017 ]

Might be a blocker if the instructor has hidden the samigo tool in the menu?

Another question - if the instructor creates the link to the quiz using Add Text > Enter link text in CKEditor > Link > Browse Server and uses the Elfinder Server Browser to add the link, is the student able to click the resulting link and take the quiz? Links created using the Server Browser open in a new tab/window whereas Lessons-generated links get stuck in the Lessons screen.

Comment by Dede Hourican [ 11-Sep-2017 ]

Thanks Tiffany.  That was the issue we were facing. 


We haven't tested the second scenario.

Comment by Tiffany Stull [ 11-Sep-2017 ]

I vaguely recall looking at an issue like this during our upgrade to 11.2, but now I can't find the related local jira.

If the issue is with the iframe as Matthew Jones suggests, I suspect the behavior will differ depending on how the quiz is opened by the link.

Another test would be to copy the Published Assessment URL from the quiz settings, paste that in a browser window, and see if you have an issue accessing it via that link.

A pop-up blocker might also be causing an issue for a student because the audio recording widget should be in a pop-up window.

Comment by Matthew Jones [ 11-Sep-2017 ]

Yeah, I never researched it to find the cause, I felt like the appropriate fix would could take a few hours of work to research and fix and might even involve changing the entire display of this question.

It doesn't work either accessed via lessons or a link, just via the regular Samigo workflow. It looks like it creates a popup window which fails. I think the ideal would be that it lets you record it in that same window since popups aren't a great design anymore but maybe there's a quicker fix.

I wouldn't consider this a blocker priority because it does work if you go through the regular Test And Quizzes interface and it's a lesser used question type. Critical sounds appropriate to me but I don't know if that will get it much more attention.


The problem looks to be in the URL that the assessment generates

This is the link when you take it through Samigo


<a href="#" onclick="javascript:window.open('/portal/tool/6e5e49c6-5b7a-4bc7-80a9-0cb4de40b592/jsf/author/audioRecordingPopup.faces?questionId=1&amp;duration=30&amp;triesAllowed=9999&amp;attemptsRemaining=&amp;questionNumber=1&amp;questionTotal=1','AudioRecordingApplet','width=950,height=700,scrollbars=no, resizable=no');" title="Click to record your answer..."> Click to record your answer...</a>

This is when you take it without, it leaves off the tool id. This was noted in the original comment from John D.

<a href="#" onclick="javascript:window.open('/portal/tool//jsf/author/audioRecordingPopup.faces?questionId=1&amp;duration=30&amp;triesAllowed=9999&amp;attemptsRemaining=&amp;questionNumber=1&amp;questionTotal=1','AudioRecordingApplet','width=950,height=700,scrollbars=no, resizable=no');" title="Click to record your answer..."> Click to record your answer...</a>
Comment by Derek Ramsey [ 28-Mar-2018 ]

Replicated this issue on 13x.  Loading the question as a student in lessons presents the following pop up:


The site you requested is not available.

Comment by Matthew Jones [ 29-Mar-2018 ]

This seems like the the link now, so confirmed something here isn't working. There's still no tool id.

<a href="#" onclick="javascript:window.open('/portal/tool//jsf/author/audioRecordingPopup.faces?questionId=2&amp;duration=30&amp;triesAllowed=9999&amp;attemptsRemaining=&amp;questionNumber=1&amp;questionTotal=1','AudioRecordingApplet','width=950,height=700,scrollbars=no,resizable=no');" title="Click to record your answer..."> Click to record your answer...</a>

The new code works fine when taken right in Samigo. However when delivered via lessons the currentSite comes back as null and an empty string is returned.

		Site currentSite = getCurrentSite(getSiteId());
		if (currentSite == null) {
			return "";

Additionally in that method

    Placement currentPlacement = ToolManager.getCurrentPlacement();

Comes back as null too.

Comment by Matthew Jones [ 29-Mar-2018 ]

I don't really know how this is going to work. I believe the only link-up between an assessment and a site is via the authorization data and not sure if you can tell what site an assessment is in just by knowing the assessment? It's possibly something isn't right in portal, the RequestFilter or the SakaiViewHandler in JSF and misses setting this up right. I'm not seeing it yet.

Comment by Derek Ramsey [ 30-Mar-2018 ]

Verified on 13x/master that the audio pop up now displays properly for a student when accessed via Lessons.

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