[SAK-6545] Switch default page in Preferences to Customize Tabs Created: 14-Jun-2006  Updated: 23-Jun-2014  Resolved: 12-Sep-2008

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Affects Version/s: 2.3.0, 2.3.2, 2.3.x, 2.4.0, 2.4.1, 2.5.0, 2.5.2
Fix Version/s: 2.6.0

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Please switch the default view of the Preferences tool to "Customize Tabs" instead of "Notifications"

Also change the order on the links at the top of the window so that they are alphabetized. (Customize Tabs, Language, Notifications, Time Zone)

This should make the Customize Tabs settings easier to find for users in the short term. Hopefully, there will be a better solution for the long term for the entire Preferences toolset in the next Sakai release (post 2.2)

Comment by John Leasia (Inactive) [ 23-May-2008 ]

The Preferences tool currently shows the Notifications configuration page as the first page seen when entering the tool. To allow institutions to make the ability to customize tab order more noticable, they would like the Preferences tool first page to be Customize Tabs. Some institutions don't use Customize tabs however, so the change needs to be configurable.

This is to make a sakai property 'preference.pages' that controls which page is seen first in the Preferences tool, and which pages show up at all. The property is set equal to a comma separated list of values identifying the pages (and toolbar actions) which show up. The pages are Notifications, Customize Tabs, Time Zone, Language. The specific values could be the bundle names for the pages. So, something like
preference.pages=prefs_tab_title, prefs_noti_title, prefs_timezone_title, prefs_lang_title

The order of the values in the comma separated list will determine which is the first page and also the order of actions in the toolbar. If a value is missing, that page's action will not show in the toolbar, and so that page will not be reachable via the UI. The first page in the Preferences tool will be the page associated with the first value in the list.

If the preference.pages property is not present, the page order will be the (current) default.

The Preferences tool reset button should take the user back to whatever first page is indicated by preference.pages.

If preference.pages is present, and is set w/o any values, it is ignored. Need to handle (ignore) mispelled/erroneous and empty values in case preference.pages is set with bad values.

Comment by John Leasia (Inactive) [ 23-May-2008 ]

Rita Pavolka adds "As long as we're talking about Preferences, could you consider reordering the content for the "Notifications" page. Like the "Sesame Street, which of these things is not like the other game" when creating support documents it would make it easier to separate the "Email Archive" notifications from the others. Placing it first or last would do that. See attached jpg." So please also move the email notification control to the top, above the Announcement notification section.

Comment by Savitha Prakash (Inactive) [ 14-Jul-2008 ]

The idea of customization of preference action tabs in sakai.properties has been implemented and committed at https://source.sakaiproject.org/svn/ctools/trunk/user/user-tool-prefs/

Comment by Peter A. Knoop [ 21-Jul-2008 ]

Savitha, do you plan to contribute the fix back to Sakai?

Comment by Savitha Prakash (Inactive) [ 21-Jul-2008 ]

Yes, eventually. This is included in the current release of ctools. Depending upon the feed back, we will eventually merge it with sakai.

Comment by Savitha Prakash (Inactive) [ 18-Aug-2008 ]

In the preference tool, the following features have been incorporated and committed in sakai-trunk

-Ability to configure the number and order of the preference tabs in preference.pages in sakai.properties.
-The first page will be the first tab configured in the preference.pages.
-Resolved a bug SAK-13738
-Shifted the email notification option down as specified.

  • If its not configured in sakai.properties, the default list will be Customize Tabs, Notification, Time Zone, Language.

The action tabs can be customized in sakai.properties as follows-

  1. Preference tool Configuration.
    preference.pages= prefs_tab_title, prefs_noti_title, prefs_timezone_title, prefs_lang_title
    #Default options-> prefs_tab_title, prefs_noti_title, prefs_timezone_title, prefs_lang_title
Comment by Beth Kirschner [ 04-Sep-2008 ]

The preferences have not been re-ordered for the Privacy tab (privacy.jsp) – which is enabled by setting "enable.privacy.status = true" in sakai.properties. Savitha – let me know if you need any help with this. Thanks!

Comment by Savitha Prakash (Inactive) [ 09-Sep-2008 ]

sakai/trunk r52109
The reordered links are included in the privacy.jsp page. However, currently the order of "privacy status" link is not configurable, and it just appears as the last link in Preference tool.

Should the order of "privacy status" be made configurable as other links?

Comment by Savitha Prakash (Inactive) [ 11-Sep-2008 ]

The "Privacy Status", which was configured by enable.privacy.status = true in sakai.properties has been removed.

To enable "Privacy Status", "prefs_privacy_title" has to be included with preference.pages in sakai.properties. This also indicates the order in which the "Privacy Status" link will be displayed with respect to others (Custom Tabs, Notification, Time Zone, Language).
e.g., preference.pages= prefs_tab_title, prefs_noti_title, prefs_timezone_title, prefs_lang_title, prefs_privacy_title

By Default, if preference.pages is not configured, then the order of links in Preference will be as follows-
" Customize Tab, Notification, Time Zone, Language ".

Revision- 52140

Comment by Peter A. Knoop [ 12-Sep-2008 ]

Need reference's sakai.properties to be updated to explain new settings.

Comment by John Leasia (Inactive) [ 12-Sep-2008 ]

sakai.properties has been updated to include info on the new property

Comment by Tim Hull (Inactive) [ 16-Jan-2009 ]

This is confirmed as fixed as of 2.6.0-alpha02

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