[SAK-8152] Sakai should warn a user before the user's session times out and data is inadvertently lost Created: 07-Feb-2006  Updated: 30-Jun-2014  Resolved: 30-Aug-2008

Status: CLOSED
Project: Sakai
Component/s: Global
Affects Version/s: 2.2.0, 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3, 2.3.0, 2.3.1, 2.3.2, 2.4.0, 2.4.1, 2.5.0
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Reporter: Kristol Hancock (Inactive) Assignee: Joseph Rodriguez (Inactive)
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User can indicate he/she is still using Sakai before session times out

Comment by Wytze Koopal (Inactive) [ 22-Sep-2006 ]

Seems not like a new tool to me. Might be a user preference, that could be defaulted perhaps by admin. And the User can override this by setting his or her preference for session time out if needed.

Comment by Lance Speelmon (Inactive) [ 13-Dec-2007 ]

Ian, we have tested this code locally and it is working well. We are ready for a branch merge back into trunk when you have reviewed the code. Thanks! L

Comment by Ian Boston [ 13-Dec-2007 ]

Could you merge the current trunk into your branch and test

in your branch working directory do
svn merge -r39089:HEAD https://source.sakaiproject.org/svn/portal/trunk .

There are some changes in trunk that might hit you. The code has moved from the $( notation to jQuery(


  • $('.more-tab').addClass('more-active');
    + jQuery('.more-tab').addClass('more-active');

I think you have $( in your branch.

Once that is done, it you should take it to someone from Fluid just to check the UI.

Other than that, Im cool to merge.


Comment by Ian Boston [ 13-Dec-2007 ]

see comments above.

Comment by Lance Speelmon (Inactive) [ 13-Dec-2007 ]

Joe - let me know if you need any assistance in Ian's first request. Thanks, L

Comment by Lance Speelmon (Inactive) [ 14-Dec-2007 ]


Ian suggested that Fluid take a look at this new capability we have developed. We would like to get this merged back into trunk ASAP. We have this running on a test server if you would like to kick the tires. Thanks! L

Comment by Christine Doherty [ 30-May-2008 ]

Is there any news on this one? Stanford would like to have this very much. It would solve our dilemma with students timing out in the Tests & Quizzes tool.

Comment by Lance Speelmon (Inactive) [ 30-May-2008 ]

FYI - We have had this in production since January 1 and while not perfect, it is working well and serving the need. L

Comment by Peter A. Knoop [ 30-May-2008 ]

Let's aim to get this merged to trunk, once the bug/sub-task SAK-12473 is addressed.

Comment by Peter A. Knoop [ 30-May-2008 ]

Lance, do you still have the test server running with this on it? Could you post a screen shoot of what the UI looks like for someone encountering the time-out? Thanks.

Comment by Peter A. Knoop [ 30-May-2008 ]

Colin, do you think you or someone else on Fluid could review this anytime soon, as Ian requested? Thanks.

Comment by Colin Clark (Inactive) [ 30-May-2008 ]

I think someone on Fluid can probably have a peek at it. Do we have a working instance of it somewhere?

Comment by Peter A. Knoop [ 24-Jun-2008 ]

Lance (or someone from IU), is there a place one can look at this feature, or can you attach a screen shot to this issue? Thanks.

Comment by Jon Gorrono [ 15-Aug-2008 ]

Can't vote on closed issues so.....bump

Also, if needed, UCD can try to patch this in to one of our test tags so that Colin can take a look... We'd rather wait for a merge than to continue to rely on a patch, though.

Comment by Peter A. Knoop [ 16-Aug-2008 ]

I'm re-opening this issue as the branch never seems to have been merged to trunk (only to IU's local branches). Is the code indeed completed and working for this issue? (It looks like there is still one open sub-task.) If it is ready, can you merge it to trunk, or do you need Ian's help on that? Thanks.

Comment by Peter A. Knoop [ 30-Aug-2008 ]

This branch has been abandoned in favour of the work associated with SAK-13987. See that one for further progress on this issue.

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